Captivate your guests with the ‘look’ you’ve helped created for your special moment!


Step into your day knowing that everyone is totally enjoying your glow!


It’s you! The only one with that special look on her special day! So, bask in the glory of all eyes peering at you! Enjoy and Shine on!


It’s your day to shine! Sashay down the isle and take the spotlight as you walk toward your handsome groom and all eyes on YOU!

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Dazzle your groom! Captivate your guest! Inspire your girlfriends with hair and make up that is nothing short of a work of art.

Simpler than ever

We put you first.

We pride ourselves on listening keenly to what our bride is attempting to achieve and closely work with her to accomplish the look she desires.

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We plan ahead.

We provide our bride with a hair and make up trial in advance to ensure she has the LOOK she desires on her big day.

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Websites made easy

We bring your vision to life.

Planning ahead, with our stylists, gives you the opportunity to discuss your wedding theme, color scheme, expectation and the opportunity to create the vision you imagined for your wedding. You will be able to experience a flawless image before and on your magical day.

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Built to impress

We are flexible.

We are committed to creating perfectly happy brides that are the vision of exquisiteness. Our skilled stylists can make adjustments to your look to ensure that it is EXACTLY what you want.

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